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Let's get together

Dear fellow gardeners;

As you may well already know, I cannot currently accept new patients due to time constraints. But please do know, in your heart, that there is nothing more I want than to meet you, and walk alongside you in your journey to wellness. That brings me to the good news I would like to share with you today: I have been working to organize Group Therapy Sessions for us to meet in person, to get to know each other and to heal together as members of the Wellness Garden community.

And, I will soon be announcing the place, dates and times of the upcoming group sessions that will be held in just a few short weeks in the Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia area.

Please sign up

To be notified of the upcoming WG group therapy sessions. Once everything is set, I will send you an e-mail detailing the place, dates and times of the sessions along with instructions you need to follow to attend.

Until then, please believe in your worthiness and keep tending to your wellness garden.

Yours sincerely,


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